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Mindfully Me, ‘A Moment of Silence’

by meditative - February 18th, 2017.
Filed under: Mindfulness for Parents & Children, Reflections from Bodhi.

Taking a minute or two for a ‘Moment of Silence’ can be a powerful and moving experience. Time itself seems to slow down as we take PAUSE from whatever we’re doing to simply be with ourselves in quiet and stillness.

By being silent and inactive for a full minute or two can promote greater presence and self-control. The more we practice ‘Moments of Silence’ with our children, the stronger their capacity for self-awareness and self-regulation may become- not only in stillness, but spilling over into the other activities.

At first, you may just want to practice in the morning. A Moment of Silence can help children set the stage for the rest of their day. It can be a reflective or meditative moment for a child… and parents can assist in an age-appropriate manner with instruction as to what the child may attend (e.g. conscious breathing) or contemplate (e.g. gratitude) during this meaningful period of silence. This practice may also serve as a simple yet wonderful opportunity for parents to regain some moral and/or spiritual ground with their children. Both the child and the parent can take time here to consider the ‘object’ of reflection… as well as the meaning & value it may present directly to the child’s life, and possibly the world as a whole.

A Moment of Silence may be as effective as the meaning we give to it…

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