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Mindfully Me, ‘A Bow to Life’

by meditative - January 19th, 2017.
Filed under: Mindfulness for Parents & Children, Reflections from Bodhi.

An Eastern tradition, a ‘bow’ to another is a sign of peace, respect & trust. A person bows to the other upon arriving & leaving. It is the equivalent of our handshake, with sincere & deep respect implied in the gesture. In bowing to another we also show our reverence for the ‘universal energy’ we share as ‘interconnected’ human beings- as well as in the ‘greater good’ of our existence we share in peace.

The simple ‘bow’ of Eastern tradition can transcend the gesture we extend to another person. It can be done in reverence for everyday things & events we hold to be meaningful. For example, a sunrise to greet the day… or a sunset to give thanks for the day… etc.

To extend the “felt sense” of this gesture throughout the body, it can be helpful to take a deep breath and exhale your feelings of ‘natural goodness’ with the bow itself. Add a gentle ‘smile’ to this gesture, even if just in your mind, to further enhance this “feel good” kind of moment.

A bow to life is a sign of gratitude…

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