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My Meditative Moments

Back To Nature

by meditative - April 8th, 2016.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

Chatfield Hollow covered bridge, ConnecticutIn nature we discover simplicity and contentment…

Springtime in New England provides a wonderful opportunity for us to simply get out and re-connect with nature. This can be a truly restorative experience- whether in the forest, an open meadow, a riverbank, seaside or lakeside, etc. The power of the natural world encourages us to let go of our habitual mode of being- of constantly thinking, planning, running, etc. In letting go and settling into our natural surroundings, the mind and the body begin to settle, and we feel more at ease. The heart slowly tends to open and resonates the peace and tranquility of the natural world around us.

It is nature that teaches us simplicity and contentment for in its presence we realize just how very little we need to be happy. It is here where our senses truly awaken and become more sensitive to all the vividly rich details and textures we experience. With a ‘meditative mind’, we open expansively with curious attention to witness all the natural beauty and splendor around us even in stillness and silence.

How does this presence feel without being lost in all the activities of a ‘thinking mind’?

See if you can really notice what happens when you step outside into nature, whether walking, standing, or just sitting… and simply paying attention to the sky, the air, the light, the movement of wind or things around you, etc. Be aware of how the spaciousness that can arise allows a natural dis-identification with your own inner turmoil and a regaining of perspective.

Nature brings out our sense of wonder… to see, touch, hear, smell, taste, and be aware. It opens our hearts and connects our sense of being with the present moment, our physicality with the earth, and with the intimate web of life.

Quiet, still, and receptive… it’s amazing what nature will open up to us both inside and outside our mind-body process when we take the time to step out of our habitual mode of being everywhere else but the present moment.

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