Awake- Revolution & Renewal

by meditative - April 13th, 2015

The spiritual warrior is a rebel with the right cause.

What does it mean to be free from the pressures placed on our thoughts and actions from unreasonable social, religious, and cultural values? How can we be so bound by beliefs that bring so much tension and conflict to the essence of our being? Even in the midst of “clear seeing”, we are challenged by the addiction to our own personal (ego-centric) dramas, and fearful of the underlying truth that may contradict our depiction of reality. Beyond our mere appearances and imagination of ourselves- what do we see? Can we see with any lasting quality beyond our busy and thinking minds- to the nature of mind as discerned from the content or object of it? Would we even know what this looks like… especially when the concept or construct projected by mind can be so closely represented to the truth or the essence of our being?

Can we penetrate through the thoughts, emotions, and ideas of our self-made mind… that which holds the self-image of our identity and a dream-like existence? If this dream of ourselves is our reality, then why is there this rousing unrest- this elusive yet palpable sense of wakefulness that subtly reveals the heart’s longing for a more lasting sense of happiness- a form of happiness seeded by freedom from aspiration and expectation rigidly affixed to an incomplete sense of being.

The open awareness and free attention of a refined mindsight- our capacity to see clearly within- provides us with the ability to sharply penetrate what fuels our misunderstanding and misperception of an illusion-like reality. The light goes on for a wakeful self – a shift- a rotation in consciousness that opens the Way for deep, meaningful revelation.

The clear questions we ask about our minds resonate the growing awareness for a wakeful revolution manifesting inside our hearts and consciousness. It is this rebellion of inquiry that arises naturally through the intentional spark to “wake up” and “light up” our sense of reality- and to liberate us from states of confusion and suffering brought about by conditioned patterns that are inherently habitual and unwholesome. It is these same questions that move us closer to knowing and understanding the truth of our being.

By taking pause, a reflective time-out to sit and to practice routinely, we clearly demonstrate the intent to attend to the spiritual nature of our honest and sincere questions. It is in this space of continual reflection that the mind opens to the deeper mysteries of being human- of clearly knowing and understanding who and what we are.

In our practice of exploring, examining, and training our minds, we maintain diligence in observing, questioning, testing, and verifying directly and experientially over and over again until there arises clarity of mind and of being. In letting go of fixations and attachments that fuel our unwholesome thoughts, emotions and actions, we discover just how meaningful and purposeful this inner revolution is to renewing & restoring the rebel to its inborn cause… and to continue inquiry into the core of its reality… transforming and emerging with the wisdom and compassion for a fuller and more complete life.