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My Meditative Moments

An Obstacle in the Road

by meditative - May 26th, 2016.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

How do we respond to the “obstacles in our road”- to those impediments that prevent us from moving forward with our plans- and to meet our goals and aspirations?… What tactical maneuvers do we employ to either get around, or to avoid what may sit directly in our way? Can we learn something from our obstacles by embracing them with curiosity, interest, kindness, and even forbearance?

Perhaps, if allowed the space and the opportunity, they may just move away on their own. At the very least, their presence may remind us to take pause and just breathe into the moment as we reflect on what they really mean in relationship to where we presently “stand” and to where we may need to go.

“Obstacles” may arise to simply slow us down, and to give us the opportunity to examine the “path” we have taken…

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