by meditative - July 21st, 2015

Neuroplasticity studies of the brain consistently appear to demonstrate its flexibility… its adaptability… and its inherent capacity for re-programming of the mind. Routinely practicing affirmations can be an effective technique to reprogram the mind & body allowing them to release unwanted habits & tendencies while supporting positive change. Positive affirmations can help us to discover contentment in the present moment and the joy of being alive… here & now.

What we consistently tell ourselves can empower our mind & body to change. Our ‘narrative’ is not written in stone. Spoken words imbed themselves in our subconscious and fuel our intentions to be and act in certain ways. A daily practice of focusing and repeating affirmations that are meaningful & relevant to us- either out loud or silently- can be powerful agents of change… and the ‘universe’ tends to respond to how we routinely affirm and project ourselves.

We are what we freely and intentionally choose to be. Practice affirming who you aspire to become.