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My Meditative Moments

A Science Brief: Body Awareness

by meditative - June 24th, 2016.
Filed under: Insights For Mindfulness Training.

In our mindfulness practice, it is very important for us to cultivate and refine our sixth sense- or awareness of body. There are two sensing capacities of body recognized by science- (i). proprioception and (ii). interoception.

Proprioception– ‘proprio’ meaning ‘self’- is the sense of knowing & feeling our body’s position in space- both at rest and in motion. It is this capacity that enables us to sense the presence of our own body- when sitting, standing, walking, running, etc.

Interoception– ‘intero’ meaning entire or whole- is the sense of knowing how our body is feeling from the inside by directly (i.e. non-conceptually) experiencing it. This is our ‘felt sense’ of body as a whole- or simply our embodied feeling.

Practice helps us to cultivate a clearer understanding of this highly integrated relationship between our awareness, body, space, and presence.

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