A Quiet Mind- A Mind of the Moment

by meditative - May 13th, 2015

In this ancient practice, we sit in stillness. We calmly abide the streams of thought, feeling, and sensation that manifest in our awareness- gently arising and passing as events of mind. The longer we sit and simply observe- the more our consciousness appears to let go and to open to the “empty” space of pure or naked awareness. We fearlessly abide to accept and allow whatever needs to arise. The events of mind seem to slow as they harmoniously flow without resistance. Unplugged from conventional time, we embrace this blissful calm and quiet of the mind- a rather “wordless” state of being as its expansiveness cannot be accurately defined. It is the purity of awareness itself.

Here and now there is presence of being. We are free and sitting in peace- gently touching the cycle of the inward and outward breath. We breathe and we smile at this inner peace and joy. With each breath, the energy of mindfulness refreshes and restores our mind of the moment in the light of awareness. It is this beginner’s mind- this mind of the moment to be free of our suffering, and to help others be free of their suffering. Inherent to this Way of being is the heart of bodhicitta and the intent of a bodhisattva. It is in this stillness and calm that we become nourished and energized to encounter and overcome the difficulties in our lives. The awakened heart and the beginner’s mind converge here to strengthen our path- and it is these allies that serve as our source of power and inspiration to not only transform our own lives, but the lives of others.

In this quiet of the mind- we recognize and acknowledge that there is all that we need here and now. Genuine happiness is revealed and discovered within the awakened mind/heart. It is here that we REMEMBER to be fully present- and it is in this stillness where clear sanity flashes before us- directly and intimately. We see clearly the insight necessary to restore the essence of our being so that we may serve others and ourselves selflessly and compassionately.

The ‘fresh eyes’ of a quiet mind see onto the world with a perspective that is vividly alive. We see clearly, directly, and deeply into the nature of what is observed. It is this ‘mindsight’ of a quiet and concentrated mind that gives rise to insight and understanding… and from our understanding of how others and we may suffer there arises compassion and the potential for healing and transformation. The more we are aware and take care, the more we transmute in our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

Through insight and understanding, we expand our benevolence to all sentient beings. We sit with the realization that the essence of our humanity is experienced in this process of inquiry- and in this stillness, we discover the wonder and miracle of mindfulness.