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My Meditative Moments

A Mindful Walk

by meditative - March 21st, 2015.
Filed under: Attending Meditation Exercises.

walk in snowNext time you are out for a casual walk, take 10 minutes or so to allow your attention to focus openly and spontaneously to the following sensory experiences- remembering our ‘meditative moments‘ are experiential and sensual in nature.

• feeling your body walking- its movement through space-lifting & grounding;

• feeling the sensation of your breath moving in & out of your body- naturally & rhythmically;

• feeling the physical sensations of the sun, air or wind on the skin of your body;

• listening to any sounds you may hear; and

• seeing all you can as you walk with openness & curiosity.

The object here is to simply be present with whatever arises in awareness… gently acknowledge your experience and move on.


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