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My Meditative Moments

A “Hug”…

by meditative - December 22nd, 2014.
Filed under: Attending Meditation Exercises, Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

Moments of self-care and meditations of the heart can take on many forms in our practice. Take a couple of moments here & now and simply visualize being held or cradled by a loved one. Research has shown that a 20-second hug can stimulate production of oxytocin, a hormone often associated with feelings of love, connectedness, and safety. Yet, we don’t need to receive a physical hug to enjoy it’s benefit…

We can imagine a hug, or simply a feeling of our own touch- somewhere on our body- and it giving rise to the same positive affect experienced with the release of oxytocin. Whether through visualization, words, or touch, meditative moments like this can shift brain activity in a way that arouses positive emotions and reduces stressful reactivity.

Where caring attention goes, positive energy flows…

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