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My Meditative Moments

The ‘Seeds’ Within…

by meditative - March 27th, 2017.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

Seeds WithinPerspective, Perspective, Perspective…

It may be all in how we look- how we sense- how we perceive- and how we relate to what’s here & now.

Unlike other animals, we have awareness of our mind that gives us the capacity to show- to know and to discern our way. Sensing, feeling, thinking, and ‘awarenessing’, we can willfully approach, embrace, learn, stretch, grow, develop, and adapt not only outside of ourselves, but within ourselves.

Mindfulness is a ‘higher order’ awareness that inherently knows what can bring us greater peace, joy, and fulfillment in our lives. It’s ‘whole-being’ awareness that has the natural wisdom, energy, and power to transform our unwholesome ‘seeds’ and habits into healthier, more wholesome ones.

The first step is simply ‘noticing’ what is present in the mind and body. It’s the initial contact of attention- the ‘sensing’ without thinking or perception. It is in this space of noticing that the ‘seeds’ of our memories- of our previous associations- can take new shape and form bringing us novel ways of engaging and understanding what is directly before us.

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