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My Meditative Moments

10 Personal Commandments To Mindfulness

by meditative - September 4th, 2016.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

Here is a personal list of  ’10 Commandments’ that I aspire ‘to do & be’ in my everyday activities as a more mindful human being. These guiding precepts serve as a daily reminder for me to behave, act & live with greater mindfulness. This ‘Way’ of being is also a process reflecting what has been distilled from my own core values, interests, as well as strengths & weaknesses.

Here is my personal list of mindful commandments in no particular order of importance:

• Be aware & curious

• Be relaxed, here & now

• Be myself as “I” am

• Be open & receptive

• Be considerate & nonjudgmental

• Be kind & compassionate

• Be loving & understanding

• Be honest & trustworthy

• Be generous & grateful

• Be light, laugh & playful

Be what makes you happy & whole… what brings you fuller, more meaningful moments with yourself and others. Be the person that brings greater joy, peace & understanding into this world. As best you can, walk the path that brings ‘light’ to all that is inherently ‘good’ in you.

What simple and personal ‘commandments’ may you live more mindfully by?…

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