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My Meditative Moments

The Brain’s ‘Search Engine’

by meditative - October 10th, 2015.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

The hippocampus is like the brain’s ‘search engine’. It is primarily responsible for long-term memory, but it also helps us to link & integrate together images, emotions, and sensations of ‘implicit’ (unconscious recall) & ‘explicit’ memories (conscious recall). This mental process is like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle assembled in the light of awareness and bringing us a clearer understanding of our past (referential) experiences- both ‘good’ & ‘bad’.

The hippocampus helps provide clarity to our own unfolding ‘narrative’ of who we are. What may have been historically unconscious influences (i.e. implicit memories) shrouded in obscure thought, feeling and behavioral patterns now becomes illuminated. It is this revelation that can bring forth healthy & healing conversations- as well as the real potential for transforming the way we relate and interact with both our inner & outer worlds.

The hippocampus can genuinely help us to make sense of ‘old stuff’… and to better understand how encoded memories can affect our present moment experiences.

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