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My Meditative Moments

‘Flow’ of the ‘Meditative Mind’

by meditative - November 17th, 2014.
Filed under: Insights for Mindful Intelligence.

The ‘meditative mind’ begins with a clear intention to ‘sit’… openly & nonjudgmentally… to ‘sit’ for the sake of mindfully ‘sitting’. Here & now, we systematically yet compassionately work with our own mind (thoughts & feelings) and body (sensations) balancing ‘free’ yet focused attention (concentration) with receptive & relaxed awareness.

Our aspiration is to sustain this relaxed alertness in the presence of whatever may arise in consciousness and challenge our attention- both intimately & directly. In this ‘awakening’ process, our skill to ‘sit’ is continually challenged by this ‘way’ we have intended to ‘sit’. The more we sit with this intention, the stronger our ‘felt’ or ’embodied’ awareness muscle becomes.

As our skill routinely & reflexively meets the challenge of practice & repetition, we can refine our inner capacity for awareness and even meta-awareness (i.e. awareness of awareness) simply through close observation without intervention. With abiding self-discipline, we may cultivate a mastery of ‘sitting’ and lose a sense or feeling of self-consciousness as our direct experience of mind and body become one with awareness itself in a real timeless and effortless way of being… a state of ‘flow’ that notices and discerns what is directly happening without indulging it.

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