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My Meditative Moments

‘Aha’- In The Space of Awareness

by meditative - July 6th, 2016.
Filed under: Insight Meditation Exercises.

MM-lightbulbIn this ‘breathing space’, we may come to uncover the freedom found in ‘choiceless’ or ‘pure’ awareness. We may come to awaken to a boundless space that is expansive and inclusive. Here, there is no judgment, conception, or opinion. There is simply space & awareness. It is here that we may curiously encounter our most lucid moments- a place  of clear sanity & peaceful being…

In this ‘space’, we can leave behind our running internal ‘commentary’ to embrace an ‘emptiness’ yet a fullness of ‘seeing’… of inviting & accepting all that we may come to experience equally. It is in this refuge- quiet, still & stable- where we can become restored, renewed, and even inspired.

These ‘aha’ moments are pure realization- ‘awakenings’ that may be ever so infrequent, subtle, and fleeting. Here & now, we may come to notice ‘things’ in a very different light- rising & falling in our open awareness without attachment or aversion- and without personal identification so that we may become free to attend & understand the true nature of what we are directly experiencing… thinking, feeling, or sensing.

Spontaneously, we may begin to notice all that we have missed yet all that we will now come to remember…

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